I’ve been running Advanced Technology Center for twenty years now, and have seen dramatic, awesome changes in technology. In 1995 we installed “state of the art” servers that had less memory and processing power than an average smart phone does today. Of course, back then we were very impressed with these servers!

Thomas Watson, Chairman of IBM in 1943, infamously said, “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” We laugh at that statement now, and realize how amazingly wrong he was.

Working with IT for so long has given me a broad perspective of its place in business. Plus, running a business for 20+ years has enabled me to bring a blend of technology knowledge and business acumen to the table—Something my clients appreciate.

How technology fits into business has always been my focus. Over the years, I’ve witnessed technically savvy consultants oversell and deliver technology that was full of “gee-whiz” characteristics, but failed to produce the results their clients needed.

This picture hangs in my office as a reminder of “what not to do!”


My goal for Advanced Technology Center is to deliver what the customer really needs. I spend a good deal of time focusing on personal development, both in business-related topics and, of course, technology and certifications. Technology and business processes are evolving more rapidly than ever before. Our clients don’t want technology that’s two years old, or processes that are even older. They need up-to-date solutions to solve the real-world problems they face. This is what we do best.

On a personal note: I’ve lived in the Indianapolis area all my life – It’s my community and home. I’ve been fortunate and blessed to be married to my best friend, Jessica. We have three great kids of the “two-legged” variety. They are all in college ... So—Yes, we have no money! We also have four “kids” of the “four-legged” variety. They, in fact, run our household and we get their approval for just about everything. —

As we do for our clients, we follow their lead and provide exactly what they need!

Steven R. Kleffman, CEO