Cloud Services

On-demand access to applications that improve productivity and collaboration

ATC’s cloud services will completely transform the way your business operates. When you migrate your data to our secure, off-site cloud servers, you’ll be able to access corporate files and applications from anywhere, at anytime, from any device. We have our own in-house cloud servers, so you can expect the utmost in security and data integrity.

Our cloud specialists will start by assessing your current IT infrastructure and determining your business objectives. Then we’ll create a comprehensive migration plan that defines what business functions will be moved to the cloud, process details, and time and cost estimate.

Benefits of ATC’s cloud services include:

  • Enhanced collaboration through better data and application accessibility
  • Improved productivity by minimizing the workarounds your employees use daily
  • Better security through advanced encryption and access controls
  • Powerful cloud solutions from Microsoft like Office 365
  • Guaranteed SLAs and detailed performance reports